Demon Whisperer


Amplify Magic Power
Lvl: 20 Buff SP: 165 Cast Time: 1

In the next 30 seconds, Magic skill damage will increases by 50%. When using this skill, one of your wind/earth/water/fire damage will increases by 20%, the effect lasts 30 seconds.


• Amplify Magic Power - Duration [Amplify Magic Power] Duration Time +15 sec
Dam Brass
Lvl: 5 Attack Physical SP: 16 Range: 6 Cast Time: 0.3

Explode after hitting the target, causing damage via high speed vibration. Inflict Neutral Physical DMG of M.ATK *500% on a single enemy unit


• Vibrating Bomb - Enhance Make Vibrating Bomb's DMG Up +10%
Drag Slave
Lvl: 10 DelayDamage Magic CD: 4 sec Skill Delay: 3 sec SP: 100 Range: 6 Cast Time: 15

A spell cast by the Red-eyed Devil Sabrenic's power. Inflict Fire Magic DMG of M.ATK *3400% on all enemy units within a long range


• Dragon Slash - Enhance Make Dragon Slash's DMG +5%
• Fire Pillar Attack When Dragon Slash hits the enemy, Summon 1 Fire Pillar under 1random target's feet. The Fire Pillar deals50%Magic DMG every time to all enemy units within the area over time
• Fire Pillar - Empower Damage dealt by [Fire Pillar Attack] +50%
Energy Coat
Lvl: 10 Buff SP: 160

Cover your whole body with spiritual energy. Receive 70% Dmg Reduc., Increase M.Dmg by 10%, ignore 5% M.Def; the effect lasts 25 seconds.

Fire Ball
Lvl: 10 Attack Magic Skill Delay: 1 sec SP: 70 Range: 6 Cast Time: 1 Fixed Cast Time: 0.2

Summon a fire ball to attack a single enemy target and all enemy units around it, inflicting Fire Magic DMG of M.ATK *400%. The skill also has all Fire Ball related bonuses


• Flame Ball - Enhance Make Flame Ball’s M.Atk bonus that causes DMG +5% and SP Consumption +3%%
Flare Arrow
Lvl: 15 Attack Magic Skill Delay: 2.8 sec SP: 82 Range: 6 Cast Time: 3.52 Fixed Cast Time: 0.88

Form a flame arrow with magic, inflicting Fire Magic DMG of M.ATK *1500% and a small amount of actual Magic DMG. The skill also has all Fire Bolt related bonuses


• Element Diffusion Make Flame Arrow to splash at 3 nearby targets. Splash DMG is equal to 5% of skill DMG. SP Consumption +25%%
• Flame Arrow - Mastery Flame Arrow skill Delay-0.1 seconds
• Flame Arrow - Quick Cast Flame Arrow Fixed Cast Time Variable Time-0.2 seconds
• High-energy Flame Arrow While releasing Flame Arrow, there's a 8% chance of triggering High Power, increasing total DMG by 10%%
• Element Diffusion - Empower Splash Damage of [Element Diffusion] +2%
• Flame Arrow - Enhance Make Flame Arrow's DMG +10%
Increase Spiritual Recovery
Lvl: 10 Passive

Every 10 sec recovers (30 +2% Max SP) SP and increases SP granted by items by 50%

Light Ball
Lvl: 1 Buff SP: 10

Fire a light ball to light up the area, uncovering nearby Hiding enemy units for 20 seconds. The skill also has all Sight-related bonuses


• Light Ball - Enhance [Lighting] effective time +20 seconds
Protagonist Halo
Lvl: 1 Passive

Increase your Job EXP received by 50%.

Soul Drain
Lvl: 10 Passive

Increases 20% Max SP. For each enemy killed, recovers (Player Level*30%) SP. Only works on single target skill.

Storm Gust
Lvl: 20 Attack Magic Skill Delay: 4 sec SP: 146 Range: 6 Cast Time: 6 Fixed Cast Time: 2.4

Creates blizzard, dealing (M. ATK *750%) water M. DMG to all enemies in the target area and knocking them back. Has a 15% chance to freeze them for 7 sec


• Storm Gust -Mastery Cast Delay of [Storm Gust]-4%
• Storm Gust - Effect [Storm Gust] Dmg +7%
Lvl: 10 Passive

All fire skills have a 50% chance to inflict Alight status on enemy units hit for 1 second(s), dealing fire M. DMG equal to 100% of M. ATK of the caster every 8 Second(s). Stacks up to 10 layers.

Befisu Bring
Lvl: 5 SpaceLeap CD: 8 sec SP: 300 Range: 8

Summon an earth spirit to dig a hole to teleport you to another location within 8 meters

Compound Magic
Lvl: 1 Attack

Combine the strength of devil spells and god spells to form a chaotic power. The wizard may choose two magic spells to combine and release. The skills must be learned first to use the corresponding Compound Magic. Selected skills can't be replaced during CD

Compound Magic - Cooldown
Lvl: 4 Passive

All Compound Magic's CD time is shortened by 2 seconds

Dark Magic Proficiency
Lvl: 10 Passive

The wizard is good at all offensive magic spells. For every 1,000 points of base M.ATK, increase his M.Pen. by 2%


• Dark Magic Proficiency - Multi-effect In the Dark Magic Proficiency, for every 1,000 base M.ATK, increase 0.2% extra M.DEF ignoring
Demona Crystal
Lvl: 15 Buff Skill Delay: 1 sec SP: 34

Form rays with cold air and fire at the enemy, immobiling the target with a 83% chance of freezing nearby enemy units for 15 seconds. Unfrozen enemy targets will receive Water DMG of M.ATK *250%.


• Ice Breaking When the frozen statues triggered by Spiritual Ice Array breaks, immediately deal Water Magic Attribute DMG of (M.ATK40% *Spiritual lce Array Skill Lv) to the frozen target
• Ice Breaking -Damage M.Dmg dealt by breaking ice +15%
• Ice Breaking -Spread Freezes all enemies within 2m when the target breaks the ice. Each 1 point expand the range by 1m
Dig Vault
Lvl: 10 Attack Magic CD: 1.5 sec Skill Delay: 1.5 sec SP: 119 Range: 7.5 Cast Time: 4 Fixed Cast Time: 0.4

Concentrated stripes of thunderbolt. Touch it and you'll feel an electric shock. Inflict Wind Magic DMG of M.ATK *660% on one enemy unit. If there are other enemy units around the target, Lightning Bolt Smash will automatically seek targets and deal damage. Each hop increases damage by 10% for up to 6 hops. The skill also has all Chain Lightning related bonuses


• Lightning Bolt Smash - Jump Damage caused by each bounce of Lightning Bolt Smash +3%
• Lightning Bolt Smash - Concussion [Lightning Bolt Smash] has a 20% chance of stunning its target for 1 second
Dim Wind
Lvl: 10 Attack Magic CD: 4 sec Skill Delay: 1 sec SP: 188 Range: 6 Cast Time: 8

Summon a tornado in the designated area, dealing Wind M. DMG of M. ATK * 1680% to all enemy units within range. This skill can be released in the Earth Realm or Fire Rain.

Dynast Brass
Lvl: 10 Attack Magic CD: 1.5 sec Skill Delay: 1 sec SP: 170 Range: 7 Cast Time: 15

A spell cast by the Overlord Strength. Draw a pentacle to summon thunder strikes within a designated area, inflicting Wind Magic DMG of M.ATK *2400% on all enemy units within range.

Earth Spirit Path - Quick
Lvl: 5 Passive

After using Earth Spirit Path, your Move SPD +30% for 3 seconds

Element Balance
Lvl: 10 Buff CD: 40 sec Skill Delay: 1 sec SP: 400 Cast Time: 5

For wind, earth, water, fire, and ghost attacks, exclude the elemental attribute with the highest value and increase other elemental attributes by their attribute value difference *100% for 15 seconds

Element Balance - CD
Lvl: 5 Passive

[Element Balance] Skill CD -10 seconds

Fast Reading Spell
Lvl: 5 Passive

Shorten all skills' Fixed Cast Time by 15% and increase the caster's Gear ASPD by 5%

Flame Guardian
Lvl: 5 Passive

Standing in the range of [Fire Pillar], [Flame Guardian] will continuously be added on you. M.DMG as 5 of M.Atk can be absorbed. [Flame Guardian] lasts for 2 seconds

Flame Guardian - Duration
Lvl: 3 Passive

After leaving [Fire Pillar], [Flame Guardian] can last for 6 seconds.

Flame Guardian - Proficient
Lvl: 5 Passive

The effect of [Fire Guardian] absorbing DMG increased by 50%

Flame Route
Lvl: 5 Buff CD: 20 sec Skill Delay: 1 sec SP: 110 Cast Time: 5 Fixed Cast Time: 0.3

After use, one [Fire Pillar] will be left at your location every other second. Lasts 13 seconds.

Flame Route - Flame
Lvl: 5 Passive

[Fire Pillar] DMG +30%

Flow Break
Lvl: 5 Buff CD: 5 sec Skill Delay: 2 sec SP: 120 Range: 6 Cast Time: 6 Fixed Cast Time: 0.6

A spell that removes all but the white magic effect. All enemy units within range are unable to perform Magic DMG type of skills or Auto ATK for 15 seconds. The skill also has all Stasis-related bonuses

Gold Demon King Strength - Resolute
Lvl: 5 Passive

While using the Power of Gold Demon King gain 1%%M.Pen. for every6%HP lost

Heavy Slash
Lvl: 10 Slayer Magic CD: 25 sec SP: 500 Range: 4

Lock the wizard and a single enemy unit up (unable to perform other operations) and chant for 5 seconds. While casting, the wizard is immune to all controls and interrupting effects. After the chant, deal actual Magic DMG of M.ATK *1500% to the enemy target. If the damage results in death, refresh the skill's CD at once. Otherwise, the wizard dies. The skill defies the Death Resist effect.

Jellyfish Summon
Lvl: 10 Attack Magic CD: 4.5 sec Skill Delay: 1.5 sec SP: 140 Range: 5 Cast Time: 8 Fixed Cast Time: 0.2

Summon a Jellyfish within the designated area, inflicting Water Magic DMG of M.ATK *1080% per second on all enemy units within range for 20 seconds. Up to 2 Jellyfishs can exist at the same time. The skill also has all Quicksand Vortex related bonuses

Jellyfish Summon - Struggle
Lvl: 5 Passive

Enemy units within the Jellyfish Summoning range have a 100% chance of losing Max HP while moving (Invalid for monsters)

Magic Wind - Earth element
Lvl: 5 Passive

Magic Wind deals extra 60% DMG to enemy units within the Earth Element Field or Jellyfish Summoning range

Ragna Blade
Lvl: 10 Attack Magic CD: 10 sec Skill Delay: 2.1 sec SP: 300 Range: 6 Cast Time: 8

A powerful spell cast by the Gold Demon King Strength. Convert the magic into a black blade of light that seems strong enough to sever everything. Inflict 4 times of powerful Magic DMG of M.ATK *1380% of different Attributes on a single enemy unit and 100% cause one Abnormal Status of burn, frozen, stunned, or bleeding. The CD is fixed and can't be shortened. The skill also has all [Tetra Vortex] related bonuses


• Divine Destruction Slash - Fusion Divine Destruction Slash DMG +4%
Recognized Spell
Lvl: 10 Buff SP: 30 Fixed Cast Time: 0.2

Considerably improve the spellcaster's comprehending of magic, increasing M.Pen. by 20% at an extra SP Consumption of 30% for 120 seconds.


• Recognized Spell -Proficiency During [Recognized Spell] effect SP Cost - 5%
Spell Casting Banned
Lvl: 5 Buff CD: 16 sec Skill Delay: 1 sec SP: 350 Range: 7 Cast Time: 8

Designates an enemy and the surrounding enemies within 4m to make their next skill invalid and enter CD automatically and additionally increases the Cooldown Time of this skill by 8 second(s). The skill effect lasts 12 second(s).

Status Vulnerability
Lvl: 5 Passive

Deals 25% more damage to burning, freezing, stunned and bleeding enemy units


• Status Vulnerability - Enhance [Status Vulnerability]’s effect +3%. Auto Attack has a 3%% chance to inflict Burn, Freezing, Stun or Bleeding on the enemy
Storm Gust
Lvl: 1 Attack Magic Range: 6

Deals (M.Atk100%) M.Dmg to the target


• Spell Crit auto attacks have a 5% chance to trigger Spell Crit, dealing +10%% damage (Luck increases Crit Rate)
• Auto Attack Igniting Using Flame Heart allows auto attacks to trigger [Alight] as well
Supreme Lightning Bolt Array - Combo
Lvl: 8 Passive

Supreme Lightning Bolt Array has a 80% chance of triggering Lightning Bolt Smash after hitting the enemy

The Power of Lord of Nightmare
Lvl: 10 Buff CD: 45 sec SP: 150

The wizard temporarily receives the Gold Demon King Strength, becoming immune to death for 8 seconds and increasing M.Pen. by 30%. However, at the end of the effect, the wizard will be stunned for 5 seconds

Lvl: 10 Passive

When a wizard releases an offensive skill, there's a 25% chance of skipping skill CD and delay

Water Asphyxia
Lvl: 5 Buff CD: 5 sec Skill Delay: 1 sec SP: 100 Range: 7 Cast Time: 10

Reduce a specified enemy unit's Max HP by 20%. If the target is within the Jellyfish Summoning range, reduce extra 20% of Max HP for 20 seconds. Invalid for MVP/Mini

White Barrier
Lvl: 6 Buff CD: 12 sec SP: 80 Range: 6 Cast Time: 4

Cover the caster with thin and transparent ghost power, protecting the caster from all damage except ghost damage. Speed is reduced by 50% while in this stauts. Lasts 5 sec.

White Imprison
Lvl: 5 Buff CD: 6 sec SP: 80 Range: 6 Cast Time: 4

Use a thin layer of transparent Ghost power to cover 1 enemy unit, with a 70% chance to immobilize them. In this state, they won't take any DMG other than Ghost DMG. White Prison lasts 5s, after which the target loses 16% HP. When used against an MVP or Mini monster, the DMG is reduced to a fixed amount of HP loss, and it has no DMG negation effect.


• White Imprison - Torment Targets inside [White Imprison] loses 2% of Max HP every second
• White Prison - Enhance Divine Destruction Slash and Dragon Slash can deal 20% DMG to enemy units in the White Imprison state


Energy Protection Rune Def Def Any
• [Energy Coat] +(20 ~ 200) extra points of Def.
• [Energy Coat] +(1% ~ 10%) extra Def.
Endless Snowstorm Rune Atk Buff Any
• [Storm Gust] Fixed Cast Time (-0.1 ~ -2) secs.
• [Storm Gust] skill delay (-0.1 ~ -2) secs.
• [Storm Gust] Dmg +(1% ~ 30%).
Frost Curse Rune Def Buff Any
• [Stasis] Fixed Cast Time (-0.1 ~ -0.6) secs.
• Target loses (-1 ~ -100) SP each sec during [Stasis].
Thunder Lightning Rune Atk Atk Buff
• [Chain Lightning] Dmg +(1% ~ 30%).
• When casting an Auto Attack, there’s a (1% ~ 15%) chance of using [Chain Lightning] Lv.10 automatically.
• Jumps of [Chain Lightning] no longer increase damage. Damage dealt to all targets depends on the max number of jumps.
Nether Prison Rune Atk Def Buff
• [White Imprison] success rate +(10% ~ 30%).
• [White Imprison] makes the target lose (1% ~ 5%) of Max SP every second.
• [White Imprison] forces the target's armor to become Ghost type.
Soul Vortex Rune Atk Atk Buff
• [Tetra Vortex] deals an extra (1% ~ 30%) Dmg to targets with the armor Element other than Wind, Earth, Water and Fire.
• [Tetra Vortex] applies Burn, Freezing, Stun or Bleed status ignoring Immunity.
• Every 5 seconds, the next auto attack will automatically trigger [Tetra Vortex] Lv. 10
Cretaceous Barrier Rune Def Def Buff
• [White Barrier] Move Spd Deduction decreases by (10% ~ 30%).
• Recover (1% ~ 5%) max SP each second under [White Barrier] status.
• Remove all chants under [White Barrier] status.