Warrior of Wildfire


Call of Justice
Lvl: 5 Passive

Additionally increase ATK by 5 for every VIT 5


• Call of Justice - M.Atk [Call of Justice] adds 0.8 additional M.Atk for every 5 VIT
Flashing Force
Lvl: 1 Passive

Deals 50%% extra Holy DMG for [Slash - Light].


• Flashing Force - Glittering [Slash - Light] has a 20% chance of putting the enemy into Darkness
HP Alight
Lvl: 10 Buff CD: 30 sec Skill Delay: 1.5 sec SP: 25 Range: 1

Burn HP to land a hard blow on the enemy. Every 1s, reduce your own Max HP by 1% and deal (2% Max HP+10% Max SP+500) true DMG to enemies nearby. Lasts 30s. Doesn't work when HP is below 10%. After using it, you can't restore HP or SP automatically.

Joint Beat
Lvl: 10 Attack Physical Skill Delay: 1 sec SP: 20 Range: 2

Strikes at the joints of the target, dealing (Atk150%) Dmg. Has a 55% chance to apply 1 negative status for 10 sec


• Joint Beat - Empower Damage of [Joint Beat] +15%
Over Thrust
Lvl: 5 Buff Skill Delay: 1.5 sec SP: 28 Range: 9

For 150 seconds, increases self Atk by 25%, increases the whole Party's Atk by 5%

Sink or Swim
Lvl: 10 Buff Skill Delay: 1 sec SP: 40

Reduces own M.Def to 0, each point of M.Def lost increases own M.Atk by 1.5 while also reducing 10% of own Max HP and increasing M.Atk by an extra 5% for 30 sec


• Sink or Swim - Steadfast [Sink or Swim] M.Def reduction - 10%. The bonus M.Atk from this skill will stays the same
Slash - Light
Lvl: 10 Attack Physical CD: 1.5 sec Skill Delay: 1.5 sec SP: 42 Range: 6 Cast Time: 2

Deal (P.ATK+M.ATK)*1160% Fire P.DMG per sec to enemies within range for 3s. Enemies hit by [Slash - Light] have a 100% chance to gain burn, increasing damage by 20% when with HP Alight. Damage increases by 1% for every 10 VIT. The skill enjoys all Dragon Breath-related bonuses.


• Slash - Light - Enhanced [Slash - Light] DMG +6%
Status Vulnerability
Lvl: 5 Passive

Deals 25% more damage to burning, freezing, stunned and bleeding enemy units


• Status Vulnerability - Enhance [Status Vulnerability]’s effect +3%. Auto Attack has a 3%% chance to inflict Burn, Freezing, Stun or Bleeding on the enemy
Sword Parry
Lvl: 10 Buff CD: 15 sec Skill Delay: 1.5 sec SP: 50 Range: 1

Use swordsmanship to block the attacks of enemy units. When taking damage, it triggers at 50%, and after success, it reduces the damage taken by 100%. This effect lasts for 30 seconds. The probability of triggering this skill in the arena is affected by the opponent's Dex and one's own Agi. When casting the skill, you must be equipped with a sword-type weapon under the Equipment category.

Warrior of Wildfire's Rage
Lvl: 10 Buff CD: 90 sec Skill Delay: 2.5 sec SP: 100

Restore your HP instantly to 100% and empty your SP. Enter the Furious state for the following 20 seconds. Max HP +100%. SPD +30%. Dodge -50%. DEF and M.DEF -0%. Received Healing Effect -10%. The skill features all Frenzy Spear bonuses


• Warrior of Wildfire's Rage - Alerted Reduces the Dodge Punishment of [Warrior of Wildfire's Rage] by 12%.
• Warrior of Wildfire's Rage - Cooldown Reduces the skill CD of [Warrior of Wildfire's Rage] by 7%.
• Warrior of Wildfire's Rage - Enhanced While releasing Warrior of Wildfire's Anger, cause all enemy units within 3 meters to enter the Fear state for +0.5 seconds
White Blaze's Protection
Lvl: 5 Passive

Increases Move SPD by 15% and changes the DMG of Twin Flame Slash to Level 1 Fire and Water to 100%.

Wildfire Armor
Lvl: 5 Passive

Increase your Fire and Holy Element Damage by 5% and reduce Received Fire and Holy DMG by 10%


• Wildfire Armor - Fire Immune [Wildfire Armor] Fire DMG Reduction +2%
• Wildfire Armor - Alight Enemy units that attack the Warrior of Wildfire have a 2% chance of falling into the Burning state
Call Spirits
Lvl: 5 Buff Skill Delay: 1 sec SP: 8 Cast Time: 0.5 Fixed Cast Time: 0.5

Surrounds the caster with spirit bombs, each increasing Atk by 10 and ignoring 2% Def of enemy unit. Could have up to 5 bombs. Lasts 300 sec


• Spirit Bomb - Enhanced Make each Spirit Bomb provide 5 extra points of ATK for the bearer
Deep Cut
Lvl: 5 Passive

Using [Twin Flame Slash] and [Slash - Light] applies up to 5 Imprints to enemies for 10s. [Twin Flame Slash] and [Slash - Light] deal extra damage to enemies with Imprints. For each Imprint, deal 7% extra damage.

Lvl: 10 Buff CD: 10 sec Skill Delay: 1 sec SP: 10 Range: 1

When attacked, self won’t pause or get knocked back but gains 100 M.Def. Endure lasts 37 sec but ends instantly after taking 16 attacks.


• Endure -Unlimited Lifts the block limit for [Endure] for (Endure Skill Lv * 0.5 (Adjusted Value))sec. Each point increases the adjusted value by +0.5
Fire Sword
Lvl: 20 Passive

Permanently increase the True DMG in an Auto ATK by 200 points and the DMG of [Twin Flame Slash] by 5%%. Additionally increase ATK by 100 points.


• Swords of Wildfire - Mastery Boost Swords of Wildfire's all True Dmg by 5%
• Swords of Wildfire - Enhanced Each level of [Swords of Wildfire] additionally increases ATK by 5 points
Five Ways
Lvl: 5 Passive

While calling spirits, obtain 5 Spirit Bombs at once and convert your Spirit Bombs into Benevolence, Justice, Grace, Wisdom, and Trust, respectively providing DMG Reduction to all races, Max HP, Abnormal Status Resist., M.Atk, and Atk by 15%.

Five Ways - Training
Lvl: 5 Passive

Increase the percentage of the Five Ways' Attributes by 5

Glowing Bliss
Lvl: 5 Passive

Each time you receive DMG from attacks, you will convert 10% of the DMG to your temporary Max HP, which can be stacked for 10 times at most, lasting for 10 seconds

Glowing Bliss - Duration
Lvl: 5 Passive

[Glowing Bliss] duration increased by 10 seconds

Hallucination Walk
Lvl: 10 Buff CD: 24 sec Skill Delay: 1.5 sec SP: 47

Increases caster's Move Spd by 50%%, Flee and Crit.Res by 50, and MDmg Reduc. by 50%% for 18s. When the skill expires, decreases AGI by 25, Attack Spd by 15% and Move Spd by 50% for 6s

Heart of Benevolence
Lvl: 15 Passive

Reduces damage taken from Demi-Human monster by 25%. The effects reduce by 2/3 in PVP


• Heart of Benevolence - Disenchantment DMG received from Demons, Angels, and the Undead -2%
Heart of Wildfire
Lvl: 5 Passive

[Slash - Light] and Flashing Force respectively increases the corresponding Attribute Reduction (Fire DMG Reduction and Holy DMG Reduction) by 30% for all teammates within range for 10 seconds

Heart of Wildfire - Element
Lvl: 5 Passive

The Wildfire Heart also increases the corresponding attribute ATK by 10%

Inferno Armor
Lvl: 10 Buff CD: 80 sec Skill Delay: 2 sec SP: 92

It can be released only in the Five Ways state. Absorb all five Spirit Bombs and transform into the Inferno, increasing you Pen. by 20% and Max HP by 30% and changing your race to Angel for 30 seconds

Inferno Armor - Hope
Lvl: 5 Passive

When in Inferno Armor state, increases Humanoid DMG bonus and skill DMG by 15%.

Last Stand
Lvl: 5 Buff CD: 24 sec Skill Delay: 1 sec SP: 150 Cast Time: 4

Lose your HP to 1, and free from all DMG, lasting for 8 seconds. CD time is fixed and cannot be reduced

Life Perception
Lvl: 5 Passive

You can spot hidden enemy units with HP below 30% within 9 meters and inflict extra DMG of 30% on them

Life Perception - Sneaky Raid
Lvl: 5 Passive

[Life Perception] increases extra DMG dealt to Hidden enemies’ by 20%

Light Armor
Lvl: 5 Passive

When taking DMG, reduce the target's SP of this DMG *0.5%

Light Vision
Lvl: 5 Passive

Holy ATK has a 30% chance to set the target into the [Dark] status which cannot be dispelled and ignores Immunity for 8 seconds.

Magnum Break
Lvl: 10 Attack Physical Skill Delay: 2 sec SP: 30 Range: 1.5

Knocks back all nearby units and deals (Atk250%) fire Dmg. Applies Auto Attacks with fire attribute and gains 20% Atk damage. Lasts 10 sec


• Magnum Break - Rageflame After using [Magnum Break], Fire Dmg is increased by 5% for as long as Atk is increased.
Protagonist Halo
Lvl: 1 Passive

Increase your Job EXP received by 50%.

Same Fate
Lvl: 5 Buff CD: 10 sec Skill Delay: 2 sec SP: 150 Range: 4 Cast Time: 4

Your HP lost during the effective period will be shared with a specified enemy unit by the ratio of 30%. Only one enemy unit within 10 meters can be specified. The effect lasts for 10 seconds and can't be dispersed

Spirits Recovery
Lvl: 5 Passive

Restore HP by (Max HP/300+4)x5 points and SP by (Max SP/300+4)x5 points per 10 seconds


• Spirits Recovery - Empower Natural Recovery of [Spirits Recovery] +10%
Storm Gust
Lvl: 1 Attack Physical Range: 2

Deals (Self Atk*100%) damage to an enemy target


• Swordsman's Atk bonus increases by 3%, Auto Attack increases by
Super Spring Flashing Slash
Lvl: 10 Attack Physical CD: 1.5 sec Skill Delay: 1.5 sec SP: 122 Range: 5 Cast Time: 3

Inflict [Slash - Light] and Flashing Force x180% Fire and Holy DMG on all enemy units straight ahead.

Super Spring Flashing Slash - Abnormal
Lvl: 5 Passive

Super Spring Flashing Slash has a 50% chance of putting the target into the Dark, Burning, and Fearful state

Super Spring Twin Flame Slash
Lvl: 10 Attack Physical Skill Delay: 1 sec SP: 50 Range: 5

Available only in the Inferno state. After a quick charge, inflict Fire DMG of [Twin Flame Slash] x200% on all enemy units within the target range

Super Spring Twin Flame Slash - Mastery
Lvl: 3 Passive

Super Spring [Twin Flame Slash]'s charging time -0.3 seconds

Swords of Fervor
Lvl: 10 Passive

Rip rifts and attack distant enemies. Increases the cast range of [Twin Flame Slash], [Slash - Light], [Super Spring Twin Flame Slash], and [Super Spring Flashing Slash] by 3m.

Swords of Fervor - Crippling
Lvl: 3 Passive

When dealing DMG, there's a 15% chance of immobilizing the target for 1 second

Lvl: 10 Buff CD: 2 sec Skill Delay: 1 sec SP: 10 Range: 1

Taunts enemies in the target range, forcing them to attack you for 6 sec, increasing their Atk by 20% and reducing their Def by 21%. Does not affect on players.


• Taunt-Alert Atk punishment of [Taunt] Dealt by Enemy-5%
• Taunt -AoE AoE of the skill [Taunt] +0.5 meter
Twin Flame Slash
Lvl: 20 Attack Physical Skill Delay: 1 sec SP: 25 Range: 3.5

Inflict Fire DMG of ATK *250% on a single enemy unit with a 30% chance of stunning the target. The skill features all Bash bonuses


• Twin Flame Slash - Mastery Reduce [Twin Flame Slash]'s skill consumption by 10%
• Twin Flame Slash - Enhanced [Twin Flame Slash] DMG +10%
• Twin Flame Slash - Flames Each level of Swords of Wildfire additionally increases [Twin Flame Slash] True Fire DMG by 20 points (DMG is affected by Fire Element Damage and attribute mutual overcoming)
White Blaze King's Protection
Lvl: 5 Passive

Increase your DMG Resist. and Magic DMG Resist. by 5% and Move Spd by 15%.

White Blaze King's Protection - Wild Roar
Lvl: 1 Passive

Changes [Twin Flame Slash] and [Slash - Light]'s adjustment to all to 100%%.


Breath Solidification Rune Atk Def Any
• Each Spirit Bomb makes ATK +(1 ~ 20), M.Atk +(1 ~ 20), Max HP +(1 ~ 200).
Sword Practice Rune Atk Atk Any
• When equipping Sword weapons, ignore DEF +(0.1% ~ 5%), Dmg Inc. +(0.1% ~ 5%).
Taunt Curse Rune Def Def Any
• After using [Taunt], Dmg Reduc. +(1% ~ 10%).
• After using [Taunt], enemy’s ATK +(-20 ~ -400).
Weapon Blocking Rune Def Def Buff
• Ranged Dmg Reduc. +(1% ~ 30%) under [Sword Parry] status.
• Equip a Spear Weapon to use [Sword Parry]. When equipping a Spear-type weapon, increase extra blocking chance by 5%.
Anger Reflux Rune Atk Def Buff
• [Frenzy] CD Time (-5 ~ -30) secs.
• [Frenzy] keeps (20% ~ 100%)’s SP.
• Remove all debuffs when using [Frenzy].
Etched Mark Rune Atk Def Buff
• Damage caused by each [Deep Cut] stack +(1% ~ 5%).
• Target's damage dealt from each [Deep Cut] stack +(-1% ~ -10%).
• [Dragon Breath] and [Dragon's Water Breath] can trigger [Deep Cut].
Crazy Strike Rune Atk Atk Buff
• [Bash] Dmg +(1% ~ 30%).
• [Bash] deals extra (1% ~ 30%) Dmg to medium size enemies.
• [Bongun Card] Deposit effect doubled.
Fortitude Mark Rune Atk Def Buff
• Every time a Job Skill buff is active on you, Crit.Dmg +(2% ~ 10%) & Move Spd +(0.5% ~ 3%).
• All buffs active on you cannot be removed.
Berserk Breath Rune Atk Atk Buff
• [Dragon Breath] and [Dragon's Water Breath] Dmg +(1% ~ 30%).
• [Dragon Breath] and [Dragon's Water Breath] deal an extra (1% ~ 30%) Dmg to targets under Freezing and Burn status.
• [Dragon Breath] and [Dragon's Water Breath] Hit +(1% ~ 30%).
Joint Beat Rune Atk Atk Buff
• When dealing an Auto Attack, it has a (5% ~ 35%) chance of using [Joint Beat] Lv.10 automatically.
• [Joint Beat]’s debuff chance +(1% ~ 25%).
• [Joint Beat] Dmg +(20% ~ 100%).