Aura Blade
Lvl: 20 Passive

When knights launch auto attacks, it causes True Dmg: 300 points, ; every 5 points Agility brings True Dmg: 3 points; every 1 points of Luck brings True Dmg: 2 points


• Aura Blade - Empower Each level of Aura Blade grants 5 more Atk
Bowling Bash
Lvl: 20 Attack Physical Skill Delay: 1.5 sec SP: 22 Range: 1.5

Cause enemies within range to collide into one another, dealing (810% of Atk) Dmg. The more the enemy units in the range, the higher the damage. Each enemy unit increases 30% Dmg

Brandish Spear
Lvl: 10 Attack Physical Skill Delay: 2 sec SP: 12 Range: 2.5

Deals (Atk400%) Dmg to the target and knock them back 1.5 meters. Can only be used while mounted


• Brandish Spear -Utility Damage Dealt to Middle Size Monster by [Brandish Spear] +3%
Cavalry Combat
Lvl: 5 Passive

Can fight while mounted but will Decrease ASPD by 0%

Cavalry Mastery
Lvl: 5 Passive

Deals 20% more damage to large size monsters while in Cavalry Combat


• Cavalry Mastery -Utility Dmg dealt by [Cavalry Mastery] to Small Size Monster +([Cavalry Mastery] Lv*1%)
Counter Attack
Lvl: 5 BeatBack Skill Delay: 1.5 sec SP: 3

Enters Counter Attack status. The caster counters enemy unit when hit by melee Auto Attacks. The counter attack cannot miss and deals guaranteed Critical Damage. The status lasts 2.4 sec. Critical Damage increases as the skill levels up.


• Counter Attack-Damage Shield Changes the effect of [Counter Attack] to Counter Attack Shield that deals (Base5 * 10%Def) True Dmg when it takes melee auto attacks. The effect lasts ([Counter Attack]Lv * 2) sec. Each point increases base by 5.
• Counter Attack-Magic [Counter Attack] could return 15% M.Dmg
• Counter Attack-Ranged Atk [Counter Attack] could return 8% Ranged Dmg
Heart of Steel
Lvl: 5 Buff CD: 25 sec SP: 100 Range: 1

In 5 sec, takes 90% less Dmg and M.Dmg and gains no-stiff effects provided by Endure for up to 16 times


• Heart of Steel -Proficiency +10% resistance to all Abnormal statuses during duration of [Heart of Steel]
• Heart of Steel - Cooldown [Heart of Steel] cooldown -5%
One-Hand Quicken
Lvl: 20 Buff CD: 30 sec Skill Delay: 1 sec SP: 50

When using swords, Skill's Attack Spd increases by 30%, Auto Attack increases by 1200 points, the effect lasts 300 seconds. Swords must be equipped to release the skill (daggers not included)


• One-Hand Quicken -Proficiency Increase 5 AGI during duration of [One-Hand Quicken].
Lvl: 20 Attack Physical Skill Delay: 1 sec SP: 26 Range: 2

Attacks the target repeatedly with spears, dealing (Atk500%) Dmg Applies combo attacks based on enemy size. Small/Medium/Large: 1/2/3 times. Spear type weapons are required.


• Pierce -Range Range of [Pierce] +0.5 m
Spear Mastery
Lvl: 20 Passive

When using spears, Atk increases by 280, Auto Attack increases by 400


• Spear Mastery I Atk +8 when equipped with spear weapon
Abyss Contract
Lvl: 5 Passive

Runemaster attaches Auto Attack that sequels to the current SP x1. Each Auto Attack will reduce the current SP by 1%

Abyss’ Arrival
Lvl: 5 Attack Physical CD: 4 sec Skill Delay: 2 sec SP: 50 Range: 5 Cast Time: 4

Summon a magic sword from the sky which sticks into the ground and forms a magic array with a radius of 5m, dealing Dark P.DMG equal to P.ATK*840% per sec to all enemies within it, and reducing their P.ATK and M.ATK by 2500. The magic array lasts 20s. Only 1 can exist at a time (the skill doesn't increase Frenzy). Runemaster can choose whether to convert their ATK type to Dark.

Abyss’ Arrival - Darkness
Lvl: 5 Passive

[Abyss' Arrival] provides self with 15% Dark DMG, AA DMG and 30% Ignore P.DEF.

Lvl: 5 Buff CD: 24 sec Skill Delay: 1 sec SP: 150 Cast Time: 4

Lose your HP to 1, and free from all DMG, lasting for 8 seconds. CD time is fixed and cannot be reduced

Asphyxia - Joint Burial
Lvl: 8 Passive

[Asphyxia] deals extra 40% Dmg to [Death Binding] targets

Call of Justice
Lvl: 5 Passive

Each 5 VIT provides Lord Knight with 5 Atk


• Call of Justice - M.Atk [Call of Justice] adds 0.8 additional M.Atk for every 5 VIT
Lvl: 5 Buff CD: 30 sec SP: 30 Range: 9

Grants whole Party with Endure effect. Knight gains 20% Atk, 50 HIT. Reduces Def provided by equipments by 40% for 45 sec


• Concentration-Alert Deffense punishment on equipment dealt by [Concentration]-7%
Dark Flame Slash
Lvl: 10 Attack Physical Skill Delay: 1 sec SP: 50 Range: 3.5

After a short period of accumulation, cause Dark DMG ([Bash] x150%) to a specified target and all enemies 3 meters around them

Dark Flame Slash - Slaughter
Lvl: 3 Passive

[Dark Flame Slash] Charging Reduction reduced by 0.3 seconds

Dark Frenzy
Lvl: 5 Passive

When a Runemaster cast an Auto Attack or Job Attack Skills, Frenzy can be obtained. Each Frenzy and increase Dark Element Damage by 0.2%. Up to 100 Frenzy can be obtained. Each Frenzy lasts 60 seconds separately.

Dark Knight
Lvl: 10 Passive

Runemaster's Lance Skill and Breath-type Skill can cause an additional 40% DMG to enemies in [Dark] status

Dark Vision
Lvl: 5 Passive

Runemaster’s Dark Element Damage has a 30% chance to cause the target into a state of [Dark] that cannot be dispelled or immuned. Lasts 8 seconds. Invalid for MVP and Mini

Darkness - Multi-source
Lvl: 4 Passive

Every time a Runemaster is attacked, there’s a 100% chance to obtain Frenzy

Death Binding
Lvl: 5 Buff CD: 10 sec Skill Delay: 2 sec SP: 150 Range: 4 Cast Time: 4

Bind HP with a specified enemy. During the effect period, your lost HP will be shared with the enemy at a rate of 30%. Only one enemy can be specified within 10 meters. Lasts 10 seconds. Cannot be dispelled

Deep Cut
Lvl: 10 Passive

Spear skills will mark enemy units, the mark can stack up to 5 times max and lasts for 10 sec. Enemies marked by Rune Knight Spear Skills will receive extra Dmg. Each mark stack increases Dmg by an extra 7%%,each Mark stack reduces Def of targets by an extra 5%

Dimension Slash
Lvl: 10 Passive

Runemaster’s Auto Attack can open a rift and attack the enemy from a long distance. The Auto Attack distance will be increased by 3 meters

Dimension Slash - Stagnation
Lvl: 3 Passive

[Dimension Slash] has a 15% chance to cause the target can’t move. Lasts 1 second.

Dragon Breath
Lvl: 10 Attack Physical CD: 1 sec Skill Delay: 1 sec SP: 42 Range: 6 Cast Time: 2

Order the dragon to breathe fire, dealing (Atk + M.Atk) * 1160% fire Physical Dmg to enemies in range. Enemies hit by the hellishly hot dragon breathe have a 100% chance to burn. HP Alight status increases damage by 20%. Every 10 VIT increases damage by 1%


• Dragon Breath - Enhance [Dragon Breath] & [Dragon’s Water Breath] Dmg +6%
Dragon Howling
Lvl: 10 Buff CD: 6 sec Skill Delay: 1.5 sec SP: 39 Range: 1

The dragon roars with a 100%% chance of causing Fear to up to 8 enemy units within a 3m range and reduces Movement Speed by 20%,Def by 20% & M.Def by 20% for 3 sec

Dragon Training
Lvl: 5 Passive

Can mount dragons after learning. Increases Atk Spd by 10% when riding a dragon. Increases Dragon Breath damage by 25%. When the Rune Knight with a spear equipped is riding a dragon, increases 100% of modifier effects against monsters of any size, up to 100%

Dragon's Water Breath
Lvl: 10 Attack Physical CD: 1 sec Skill Delay: 1 sec SP: 42 Range: 6 Cast Time: 2

Make the dragon breathe frost, dealing Water Physical Damage equivalent to (Atk + M.Atk)*1160% to enemies within range. Enemies hit by the dragon breath have a 100% chance of being inflicted with Frozen status for 5 sec,DMG is increased by 20%when inflicted with HP Alight status,every own 10 VIT will increase Dmg by 1%


• Dragon Breath - Enhance [Dragon Breath] & [Dragon’s Water Breath] Dmg +6%
Dragon’s Protection
Lvl: 10 Passive

When riding Dragons, increase own Fire Element Dmg by 5%% & reduce Fire damage received by 10%%, and increase own Water Element Dmg by 5% & increase Water Damage reduction by 10%


• Dragon’s Protection - Fire Immunity [Dragon’s Protection] fire Dmg Reduc. + 2%
Enchant Blade
Lvl: 10 Buff Skill Delay: 1 sec SP: 80

Imbue the weapon with magic. For the next 180s, Rune Knight’s Auto Attacks and Bashes will also deal 100% of M.Atk damage


• Enchant Blade - Transformed [Enchant Blade] + 5% extra M.Atk
Lvl: 10 Buff CD: 10 sec Skill Delay: 1 sec SP: 10 Range: 1

When attacked, self won’t pause or get knocked back but gains 100 M.Def. Endure lasts 37 sec but ends instantly after taking 16 attacks.


• Endure -Unlimited Lifts the block limit for [Endure] for (Endure Skill Lv * 0.5 (Adjusted Value))sec. Each point increases the adjusted value by +0.5
Lvl: 10 Buff CD: 90 sec Skill Delay: 2.5 sec SP: 100

Caster's own HP recovers to 100%, Mana value is cleared out; Caster will enter a frenzy state for the next 20 second, Max HP increases by 100%, Moving speed decrease by 30%, Flee increases by 50%, Def and M.Def decreases by 0%, Healing received decreases by 10%


• Frenzy Spear-Alert Flee punishment of [Frenzy Spear] by -12%
• Frenzy Spear -Cooldown Cooldown of [Frenzy Spear] -7%
Hundred Spears
Lvl: 10 Attack Physical CD: 1 sec Skill Delay: 1 sec SP: 45 Range: 2

Stabs the target in quick succession, dealing (Atk1260%) Dmg to an enemy. Has a 30% chance to trigger [Spiral Pierce] Lv.20


• Hundred Spears - Spiral + 3% chance of [Hundred Spears] triggering [Spiral Pierce]
• Hundred Spears - Enhance [Hundred Spears] damage + 6%
Joint Beat
Lvl: 10 Attack Physical Skill Delay: 1 sec SP: 20 Range: 2

Strikes at the joints of the target, dealing (Atk150%) Dmg. Has a 55% chance to apply 1 negative status for 10 sec


• Joint Beat - Empower Damage of [Joint Beat] +15%
Lord's Aura
Lvl: 10 Buff CD: 10 sec Skill Delay: 1 sec SP: 80

Lord Knight provides 30% DMG for the whole Party for 300 sec


• Lord's Aura -Proficiency SP Cost of [Lord's Aura]-15%
Magic Dragon Breath
Lvl: 10 Attack Physical CD: 1 sec Skill Delay: 1 sec SP: 122 Range: 7 Cast Time: 3

Command the Magic Dragon to breathe out cold and hot breath towards the front, and cause Water DMG ([Dragon's Water Breath] x80%) and Fire DMG ([Dragon Breath] x80%) to all enemies ahead

Magic Dragon Breath - Abnormal
Lvl: 5 Passive

[Magic Dragon Breath] has a 50% chance to inflict [Burn], [Freeze], [Fear] status on the target for 2 seconds.

Magic Fire Guardian
Lvl: 5 Passive

When using Breath skills, Runemaster will increase Reduc. of corresponding attribute by 30%. When Breath Skill hits teammates, it will also take effect on teammates. Lasts 10 seconds.

Magic Fire Guardian - Element
Lvl: 5 Passive

[Magic Fire Guardian] will increase corresponding attribute ATK by 10% at the same time

Magnum Break
Lvl: 10 Attack Physical Skill Delay: 2 sec SP: 30 Range: 1.5

Knocks back all nearby units and deals (Atk250%) fire Dmg. Applies Auto Attacks with fire attribute and gains 20% Atk damage. Lasts 10 sec

Phantom Thrust
Lvl: 10 Attack Physical CD: 4 sec Skill Delay: 1 sec SP: 39 Range: 6 Cast Time: 2

Attacks an enemy in the distance and pulls it close, dealing Atk 860% damage. Requires a spear class weapon


• Phantom Thrust - Range Range of [Phantom Thrust] + 0.5 m
Power of Rune
Lvl: 10 Passive

Increases Rune Knight’s M.Atk by 100 for 60s every time a runestone is used, stacking up to 3 times

Rune Mastery
Lvl: 10 Passive

Increases Rune Knight’s INT by 10 and duration of runestones by 100%


• Rune Mastery - Duration Runestone duration + 5%
Rune Mastery
Lvl: 5 Function

Learning it allows you to craft various runestones. Each level of Rune Mastery increases chance of success by 50% which is also increased by INT and STR. Allows you to craft Runstone Turisus, Isia, Hagalas, Urj, Nosiege and Verkana

Sink or Swim
Lvl: 10 Buff Skill Delay: 1 sec SP: 40

Reduces own M.Def to 0, each point of M.Def lost increases own M.Atk by 1.5 while also reducing 10% of own Max HP and increasing M.Atk by an extra 5% for 30 sec


• Sink or Swim - Steadfast [Sink or Swim] M.Def reduction - 10%. The bonus M.Atk from this skill will stays the same
Soul Stabbing Spear
Lvl: 10 Attack Physical CD: 1 sec Skill Delay: 1 sec SP: 54 Range: 2

The Runemaster stabs forward continuously, causing Dark DMG which equals to ATK x2520% to single enemies, and 20% extra DMG to Demi-Human race. 5 stacks of [Deep Cut] can be stacked, and must be equipped with Spear weapons

Soul Stabbing Spear - Soul Breaking
Lvl: 6 Passive

[Soul Stabbing Spear] has an extra 30% DMG to Demi-Human race

Storm Gust
Lvl: 2 Attack Physical Range: 2

Deals (Self Atk*100%) damage to an enemy target


• Swordsman's Atk bonus increases by 3%, Auto Attack increases by
Sword Mastery
Lvl: 10 Passive

When using swords, Atk increases by 40, Auto Attack increases by 200


• Sword Mastery - Empower Atk bonus of [Sword Mastery] +60%
• Advanced Sword Mastery Ignores Def +1% when using sword type weapons
Sword Parry
Lvl: 10 Buff CD: 15 sec Skill Delay: 1.5 sec SP: 50 Range: 1

Use swordsmanship to block the attacks of enemy units. When taking damage, it triggers at 50%, and after success, it reduces the damage taken by 100%. This effect lasts for 30 seconds. The probability of triggering this skill in the arena is affected by the opponent's Dex and one's own Agi. When casting the skill, you must be equipped with a sword-type weapon under the Equipment category.

Lvl: 10 Buff CD: 2 sec Skill Delay: 1 sec SP: 10 Range: 1

Taunts enemies in the target range, forcing them to attack you for 6 sec, increasing their Atk by 20% and reducing their Def by 21%. Does not affect on players.


• Taunt-Alert Atk punishment of [Taunt] Dealt by Enemy-5%
• Taunt -AoE AoE of the skill [Taunt] +0.5 meter
The Death Awakens
Lvl: 10 Buff CD: 80 sec Skill Delay: 2 sec

The soul sleeping in the Magic Sword awakens, increases Pen. By 20% Max HP by 30%. In addition, transform into Monster for 30 seconds

The Death Awakens - Hatred
Lvl: 5 Passive

In the [Awake Dead] state, increase the caster's Human Race DMG Increase and Human Race DMG Reduc. by 15%

Time and Space Tearing
Lvl: 5 Passive

When Runemaster takes damage, he can twist time and space to affect the attacking enemy and reduce the target's SP (this DMG x0.5%)


Power Strike Rune Atk Buff Any
• [Power of Rune] +(1 ~ 20) extra ATK.
• Rune Stone’s effect duration +(1% ~ 20%).
Flame Roar Rune Def Buff Any
• [Dragon Howling] CD Time (-0.1 ~ -1.5) secs.
• [Dragon Howling] makes enemy’s extra Move Spd (-1% ~ -20%).
Swift Riding Rune Def Buff Any
• Move Spd +(1% ~ 6%), ASPD +(1% ~ 6%) when riding.
Gale Thorn Rune Atk Atk Any
• [Pierce] deals +(1% ~ 30%) Dmg to L-size Monsters.
Rapid Spiral Rune Atk Buff Any
• [Hundred Spears] Dmg +(1% ~ 20%).
• [Spiral Pierce] Dmg +(1% ~ 20%).
Steel Guardian Rune Def Def Any
• [Heart of Steel] CD Time (-1 ~ -7) secs.
• All abnormal status resistance +(1% ~ 30%) during [Heart of Steel].
Storm Surge Rune Atk Buff Any
• The Bleeding effect of [Head Crush] makes the target’s Move Spd (-3% ~ -15%), ATK (-3% ~ -25%). Can be stacked.
Fortitude Mark Rune Atk Def Buff
• Every time a Job Skill buff is active on you, Crit.Dmg +(2% ~ 10%) & Move Spd +(0.5% ~ 3%).
• All buffs active on you cannot be removed.
Berserk Breath Rune Atk Atk Buff
• [Dragon Breath] and [Dragon's Water Breath] Dmg +(1% ~ 30%).
• [Dragon Breath] and [Dragon's Water Breath] deal an extra (1% ~ 30%) Dmg to targets under Freezing and Burn status.
• [Dragon Breath] and [Dragon's Water Breath] Hit +(1% ~ 30%).
Joint Beat Rune Atk Atk Buff
• When dealing an Auto Attack, it has a (5% ~ 35%) chance of using [Joint Beat] Lv.10 automatically.
• [Joint Beat]’s debuff chance +(1% ~ 25%).
• [Joint Beat] Dmg +(20% ~ 100%).
Weapon Blocking Rune Def Def Buff
• Ranged Dmg Reduc. +(1% ~ 30%) under [Sword Parry] status.
• Equip a Spear Weapon to use [Sword Parry]. When equipping a Spear-type weapon, increase extra blocking chance by 5%.
Anger Reflux Rune Atk Def Buff
• [Frenzy] CD Time (-5 ~ -30) secs.
• [Frenzy] keeps (20% ~ 100%)’s SP.
• Remove all debuffs when using [Frenzy].
Etched Mark Rune Atk Def Buff
• Damage caused by each [Deep Cut] stack +(1% ~ 5%).
• Target's damage dealt from each [Deep Cut] stack +(-1% ~ -10%).
• [Dragon Breath] and [Dragon's Water Breath] can trigger [Deep Cut].
Crazy Strike Rune Atk Atk Buff
• [Bash] Dmg +(1% ~ 30%).
• [Bash] deals extra (1% ~ 30%) Dmg to medium size enemies.
• [Bongun Card] Deposit effect doubled.