Royal Guard


Battle Chant
Lvl: 15 Buff Skill Delay: 1 sec SP: 79 Range: 9

Sing a hymn to negate dark and asleep for all teammates, and restore 25*(100+VIT) HP every 2s for 25s (the effect quadruples during PvP and GvG).


• Battle Chant - Cure [Battle Chant] healing over time + 10%
Command of Charge
Lvl: 5 Buff CD: 30 sec Skill Delay: 1 sec SP: 42 Range: 9

Grants charging effect to self and all nearby Party members, making them immune to knockback, rooting and slowing effects, increasing their Move Spd by 30% for 10s


• Command of Charge - Haste + 4% extra Move Spd while [Command of Charge] is active
Discipline of Justice
Lvl: 3 Passive

Increases Royal Guard’s resistance to curse, poison and fear by30%. (Resistance includes reducing hit rate and duration)

Earth Drive
Lvl: 10 Attack Physical CD: 5 sec Skill Delay: 2 sec SP: 48

Swing a shield around a wide area, dealing (VIT*VIT*Def/10000*960%) Earth Physical Damage to surrounding enemies and reducing their Speed by 60% and Decrease ASPD by 30% for 3 sec. Can clear [Hell Plant] and [Earth Field]


• Earth Drive - Cooldown [Earth Drive] cooldown - 0.5 sec
Lvl: 10 Buff Skill Delay: 1 sec SP: 57 Range: 9

Increase whole party’s Crit. Res. by 25 & Crit. Def. by 50%% and also increase whole party’s Normal Damage Reduction by 5%. Lasts 30 sec


• Fearless - Armor Crit. Res brought by [Fearless] +
Lvl: 10 Buff CD: 5 sec Skill Delay: 1.5 sec SP: 38

Become the vessel of Epiclesis. Within 150s, increases overall abilities by 10, HIT, Atk and M.Atk by 100


• Inspiration - Blessing Atk and M.Atk brought by [Inspiration] +
King’s Guardian
Lvl: 5 Buff CD: 45 sec Skill Delay: 3 sec SP: 160

Grants King’s Protection on surrounding teammates for 20 sec (not including self), granting 20% Wind, Earth, Water, Fire & Neutral Damage Reduc.. Cooldown is fixed and can’t be reduced. It cannot be dispelled.

Lvl: 10 Attack Physical Skill Delay: 1 sec SP: 30 Range: 3

Draw a crimson cross forward and launch continuous stab and slash attacks. Deal (Atk + M.Atk) *1860% Dmg to an enemy and its nearby enemies. Enemies hit have a 40% chance to bleed. A spear class weapon must be equipped to use this skill.


• Overbrand - Enhance [Overbrand] damage + 7%
Lvl: 3 Buff Skill Delay: 1 sec SP: 20 Range: 9

The faith in the light grants Holy attribute to the Royal Guard and 1 ally's armor for 60s


• Piety - Duration [Piety] duration +5 sec
• Piety - Faith Holy Dmg of targets affected by [Piety] takes + 2%
Lvl: 5 Passive

While Auto Guard is active: if an attack is blocked, reduces enemy unit’s Move Spd by 50%, its Atk and M.Atk by 20% for 3s

Shield of defense
Lvl: 15 Passive

Increase all Shield Skill’s Dmg by 10%%,increase Def by an extra 200 and M.Def by 100 when equiped with a Shield. Increase Atk by 1 for every 12 Def,increase M.Atk by 1 for every 6 M.Def

Spear Thrust
Lvl: 15 Passive

When equipped with a Spear-type weapon: increase Royal Guard’s Ignore Def by 10%% & increase Ignore M.Def by 10%% and increase Pen. by an extra 5%

Auto Guard
Lvl: 10 Buff Skill Delay: 1 sec SP: 30

Crusader has a 50% chance to parry when attacked. Lasts 120. Shield as off-hand weapon must be equipped.

Lvl: 5 Passive

Permanently increases Healing received by 20% and VIT by 20


• Magic Bliss Each level of [Bliss] provides 10Sp Max
Cavalry Combat
Lvl: 5 Passive

Can fight while mounted but will Decrease ASPD by 0%

Cavalry Mastery
Lvl: 5 Passive

Deals 20% more damage to large size monsters while in Cavalry Combat


• Cavalry Mastery -Utility Dmg dealt by [Cavalry Mastery] to Small Size Monster +([Cavalry Mastery] Lv*1%)
Counter Attack Halo
Lvl: 5 Buff CD: 30 sec Skill Delay: 2.5 sec SP: 300

When the Counter Attack Halo is turned on, every time the Divine Avenger is attacked, it will cause Damage (current HP x60%) to enemies within 3 meters (not affected by race, element and size). The Halo lasts for 15 seconds (in PvP and GvG, this effect is 25%)

Defending Aura
Lvl: 5 Buff Skill Delay: 1 sec SP: 28

The caster takes 70% less damage from ranged physical auto attacks but loses 65% Move Spd and 0% Attack Spd. The status could be passed to allies via [Devotion]. Lasts 120 sec. Shield type weapons are required.


• Defending Aura - Reflect [Defending Aura] Move Spd penalty -10%
Lvl: 5 Buff Skill Delay: 3 sec SP: 25 Range: 7

Crusader protects 1 allies by transferring all their damage taken to self. Lasts 90 sec. The skill is invalid to allies 9m away from the caster. Cannot target the crusader class.


• Holy Cross Blissing Crusader takes-8% Shared Dmg from [Devotion]
Divine Protection
Lvl: 20 Passive

Increases 20 Def. Reduces damage taken from undead or devil monsters by 30%. The poison, dark and undead damage taken all decrease by 20%.

Divine Protection
Lvl: 5 ReunionSkill CD: 10 sec Skill Delay: 1 sec SP: 300 Cast Time: 4

Every second, automatically connect with up to 5 teammates within a 5-meter range around you, sharing 100% of the healing and Hp natural recovery effects from Divine Avenger with the connected allies. The connection lasts for 30 seconds, and the connection will be canceled if the connected person is more than 5 meters away from Divine Avenger. Must have Equipment shield category to cast.

Divine Protection - Treat
Lvl: 8 Passive

Bonus Healing increases by 32% after using [Divine Protection]

Lvl: 10 Passive

Permanently gains 2000max HP and 10% max HP. Takes 50% less holy damage.

Freedom Vow
Lvl: 5 Buff CD: 18 sec Skill Delay: 1.5 sec SP: 80

Bless yourself and teammates within 5 meters. The blessed targets release and immune to Immobilize, Petrify, Freeze and Stun. In addition, free from immobility, lasting for 9 seconds

Glorious Guardian
Lvl: 10 Passive

When in the [Auto Guard] state, each successful parry has a 30% chance to generate a holy area beneath self, which restores (INT*100+M.ATK) HP per sec for self and teammates, affected by healing bonuses. The holy area lasts 5s (the effect quadruples during PvP and GvG).

Glorious Guardian - Holy Light
Lvl: 5 Passive

Holy Ground increases teammates’ Dark Dmg Reduc. by 40%

Grand Cross
Lvl: 10 Attack Magic Skill Delay: 1.5 sec SP: 110 Range: 3 Cast Time: 1.5 Fixed Cast Time: 1.5

Summons a cross zone centered on yourself, judging at most 6 enemy targets in the range, dealing Holy damage: Atk x750% and Holy M.Dmg: M.Atk x750%, but yourself will be injured. This skill ignores the target's Flee and is not influenced by damage reflection shield


• Grand Cross-Alert [Grand Cross] deals 5% less punishment damage to the caster
• Grand Cross -Quick Cast [Grand Cross] Fixed Cast Time-0.25 sec
• Grand Cross - Empower Damage of[Grand Cross] +10%
Lvl: 20 Heal Magic Skill Delay: 1 sec SP: 50 Range: 9

Restore (104* Rounded ( (BaseLv+INT) /10) ) HP to self and allies. When the targets are undead monsters, the skill deals Holy Damage: 100% Healing Value/2

Holy Cross
Lvl: 20 Attack Physical Skill Delay: 1.5 sec SP: 47 Range: 2

Attacks the target with the power of the holy cross, dealing Atk×900% holy Dmg +M.Atk×900% holy M.Dmg to an enemy. Has a 60% chance to blind the target for 10 sec. Deals half damage when equipped with non-spear weapon


• Holy Cross - Empower [Holy Cross] Dmg +10%
Holy Light Barrier
Lvl: 10 Buff CD: 20 sec Skill Delay: 1.5 sec SP: 200

Divine Avenger opens a defensive barrier, granting themselves and teammates within a 5-meter range (20%4%*【Divine Protection】 number of co-players) Skill Dmg Reduc. and Auto Attack Reduction. The barrier lasts for 15 seconds.

Life Vow
Lvl: 10 Buff CD: 35 sec Skill Delay: 2.5 sec SP: 300 Range: 5 Cast Time: 2 Fixed Cast Time: 1

Divine Avenger blesses the surrounding teammates and increases their Max HP (Max HP *3% + VIT *60), lasts 30 sec. Doesn’t work on crusader teammates.

Life Vow - Guardian
Lvl: 5 Passive

[Life Vow] VIT +40

Light Cross
Lvl: 10 Attack Physical CD: 2.5 sec Skill Delay: 1 sec SP: 88

Take yourself as the center to deal Phy. DMG equal to ([Overbrand] x150%) to all enemies within 3.5 meters and force the target to sit for 1 second. Must be equipped with Spear weapons.

Light Cross - CD
Lvl: 5 Passive

[Light Cross] CD Time -25%

Lvl: 10 Buff Skill Delay: 3 sec SP: 50 Range: 9 Cast Time: 1

Invokes the protection from gods which reduces Demon damage by 300% and Holy damage by 20% done to the whole party for 20 sec. It cannot be dispelled. The caster permanently increases the Skill Multiplier of [Grand Cross] by 300% and increases the Skill Multiplier of [Holy Cross] by 200%.

Reflect Shield
Lvl: 10 Buff Skill Delay: 1 sec SP: 80

When the caster takes melee Atk, deals 35% reflecting damage to the damage dealing. Lasts 300 sec. Shield as off-hand weapon must be equipped.

Lvl: 20 Passive

Caster's own Atk increases by 50 points, the damage dealt to undead and demon monsters increases by 10%, Netural Damage increased by 10%, Holy Damage increases by 10%.


• Retribution - Empower Atk Boost of [Retribution] +10%
Revelation of God
Lvl: 10 Passive

Every time Off-hand’s Refining Level +1, Skill Multiplier of [Shield Press] and [Shield of Judex] will be increased by 50%

Lvl: 15 Buff Skill Delay: 1 sec SP: 90

Caster enters a sacrifice mode, for the next 5 auto attacks, Caster spends 9%% of Max HP to deal Netural Damage: (9%% Max HP×1.4 + (Atk +Refine Atk)*300%) to a single target. The effect lasts 90 seconds. This damage ignore target's Flee and defense.


• Sacrifice - Strong [Sacrifice] attacks +1 times
Selfless Shield
Lvl: 10 LeadSkill CD: 20 sec Skill Delay: 3 sec SP: 70 Range: 4

Continuously casts a spell to protect all Party members within 4 meters for 10 seconds, reducing their damage received (excluding himself) by 60%. Cannot coexist with Devotion status. Requires a shield


• Selfless Shield - Strong [Selfless Shield] also increases teammate Def and M.Def by 2%
Shield Boomerang
Lvl: 15 Attack Physical CD: 4 sec Skill Delay: 1 sec SP: 12 Range: 6 Cast Time: 1

Throw shields to enemy in distance, dealing damage: (600%× (VIT×8 + Rounded (VIT×VIT/100)×4 + Rounded (DEX/5) + Rounded (LUK/5) +Shield Refining Level×Shield Refining Level×2) + (Atk +Refine Atk)x100%). Using it increases 300 points to your Def for 3 seconds. Shield as off-hand weapon must be equipped.


• Shield Boomerang - Empower [Shield Boomerang] Dmg +5%
• Shield Boomerang - Cooldown Reduce [Shield Boomerang] cooldown by 0.5 sec
Shield Chain
Lvl: 20 Attack Physical Skill Delay: 1.5 sec SP: 34 Range: 4 Cast Time: 2

Use shield to deal Dam: (250%×Combos 5) to a single enemy. Using it increases 200 points to your M.Def for 3 seconds. Shield as off-hand weapon must be equipped.


• Shield Chain - Empower [Shield Chain] Single Base Dmg +10%
• Shield Chain -Range [Shield Chain] Range +0.5m
Shield Charge
Lvl: 5 Attack Physical Skill Delay: 1 sec SP: 10 Range: 3

Smashes the target with the shield, dealing 300%*Dmg and knocking it back for 3m. Has a 40% chance to stun the target for 3 sec Shield type weapons are required. Damage dealt is affected by Vit, Dex and Shield Refine Level


• Shield Charge -Stun [Shield Charge] Stun Rate +15%
• Shield Charge -Hit Hit of [Shield Charge] +20%
Shield Press
Lvl: 5 Attack Physical CD: 4 sec Skill Delay: 1 sec SP: 35 Range: 3

Suppress an enemy with a shield, cause DMG (ATK x800%)to the target, repel the enemy and cause them can’t cast Auto Attacks in 3 seconds

Shield Press - Silence
Lvl: 4 Passive

[Shield Press] has a 100% of causing [Silence] for 5 seconds.

Shield of Judex
Lvl: 10 Attack Physical CD: 4 sec Skill Delay: 1 sec SP: 46 Range: 5 Cast Time: 3

A Shield of Punishment fell from the sky, causing DMG ([Shield Boomerang] x200%) to the single target and all enemies within 2 meters around him. If the target is killed, CD can be refreshed immediately.

Shield of Judex - Hawk Eye
Lvl: 5 Passive

The casting range of [Shield of Judex] increased by 3 meters

Spear Mastery
Lvl: 20 Passive

When using spears, Atk increases by 280, Auto Attack increases by 400


• Spear Mastery I Atk +8 when equipped with spear weapon
Spear Quicken
Lvl: 20 Buff Skill Delay: 1 sec SP: 70

When using spears, Attack Spd increases by 30%, Crit increases by 25 points, Flee increases by 20 points, Auto Attack increases by 1000 points, above effects last 300 seconds. Spears must be equipped.

Spear of Reckoning
Lvl: 5 Passive

Every 18 seconds, the next [Overbrand] or [Light Cross] causes 130% DMG

Spear of Reckoning - Enhance
Lvl: 5 Passive

[Spear of Reckoning] increases DMG by 30%

Storm Gust
Lvl: 1 Attack Physical Range: 2

Deals (Self Atk*100%) damage to an enemy target


• For Crusader auto attacks, Atk increases by 3%, Auto Attack increases by
Strength Vow
Lvl: 5 Buff CD: 15 sec Skill Delay: 2 sec SP: 100 Range: 5 Cast Time: 2 Fixed Cast Time: 0.5

Transform 50% of your Str to an ally for 30 seconds. Only takes effect on one teammate at a time

Lvl: 10 Attack Physical CD: 6 sec Skill Delay: 2 sec SP: 122

Summon a beam of light from heaven on the caster itself, dealing Holy Phy. DMG of Phy. ATK *2400% to all enemy units within 5 meters. The beam of light strikes three times, once every second. It requires at least 1 Holy Providence teammate to perform

Twilight - Concussion
Lvl: 5 Passive

[Twilight] deals 50% of Slow to enemies nearby, Lasts 6 seconds.

Twilight - Unite
Lvl: 7 Passive

[Twilight] increases Skill Multiplier ([Divine Protection] unite people x490%)


Shield Charge Rune Atk Atk Any
• [Shield Chain] Dmg +(1% ~ 20%).
• [Shield Chain] range +(1 ~ 2) meters.
Gale Whirl Rune Atk Buff Any
• [Shield Boomerang] CD Time (-0.1 ~ -2) secs.
• [Shield Boomerang] Dmg +(1% ~ 20%).
Steel Commandment Rune Def Buff Any
• [Discipline of Justice] Curse Resist +(1% ~ 10%), Poison Resist +(1% ~ 10%), Fear Resist +(1% ~ 10%).
Brilliant Justice Rune Atk Buff Any
• [Grand Cross] Fixed Cast Time (-0.1 ~ -1) secs.
• [Grand Cross] Dmg +(1% ~ 30%).
Fearless Heart Rune Def Def Any
• [Fearless] Crit.Res. Extra +(1 ~ 25).
• Enemy’s AS (-5% ~ -20%) when receiving Auto Attack under [Fearless] status. Lasts 5 secs.
Saint Chant Rune Def Def Any
• [Battle Chant] recovery effect +(1% ~ 20%).
• Gives everyone extra Bonus Healing +(1% ~ 10%) during [Battle Chant].
Iron Hoof Rune Atk Buff Any
• [Earth Drive] Dmg +(1% ~ 20%).
• [Earth Drive] has a (1% ~ 30%) chance of stunning the enemy for 1 sec.
Charging Leader Rune Atk Def Buff
• [Command of Charge] cooldown set to (-1 ~ -10) secs.
• While in [Command of Charge] status, for every 10 %% extra Move Spd granted, [Earth Drive] multiplier is increased by (10% ~ 30%).
• When using [Command of Charge], auto use Lv.10 [Earth Drive].
Blood Sacrifice Rune Atk Atk Buff
• Move Spd +(1% ~ 15%), ASPD +(1% ~ 15%) after unlocking [Sacrifice].
• [Sacrifice] attack attempts +3.
• For every 3% loss of life, 【Sacrifice Attack】 damage is increased by 1%.
Fortitude Shield Rune Atk Def Def
• [Guardian Shield] deals extra Dmg Reduc. +(1% ~ 10%), Melee Dmg Reduc. +(1% ~ 10%).
• Makes your shield indestructible.
• Makes your shield irremovable.
Blood Cross Rune Atk Atk Buff
• [Overbrand] Dmg +(1% ~ 30%).
• [Overbrand] Splash Dmg +(1% ~ 30%).
• When target’s HP is lower than 5% of Crusader’s current HP, [Overbrand] will attack it.
Steel Protection Rune Def Def Buff
• [King's Guardian] effect reduction +(1% ~ 20%).
• [King's Guardian] effective range +(0.5 ~ 4) meters.
• [King's Guardian] effective on self.
Righteous Rune Def Def Buff
• [Prestige] additionally makes target's Dmg Inc. and M.Dmg Inc. (-1% ~ -20%).
• [Prestige] effect duration +(0.1 ~ 3) secs.
• Any damage taken triggers [Prestige].
Solid Barrier Rune Def Def Buff
• [Auto Guard]’s triggering rate +(1% ~ 10%).
• 【Auto Defense】 Removes block action and cannot be dispelled