Little Savior


Dragon Fang Fist
Lvl: 10 Attack Physical Skill Delay: 1 sec SP: 40 Range: 7.5

Launch Dragon Claw on Ryujinmaru's shoulder, dealing Physical Damage equal to ATK x1040% to enemies in a distance. Skill damage increases with casters DEX. The skill features Flying Punch bonuses.


• Dragon Fang Fist - Enhance Dragon Fang Fist DMG +10%
Dragon Lightning Strike
Lvl: 5 Attack Physical CD: 2.5 sec Skill Delay: 1.5 sec SP: 27 Range: 1.5

Gather and release lightning from the dragon pattern on both arms to deal 600% Physical Damage to nearby enemies. Has a 70% chance to stun them (up to 6 targets) for 2 sec.


• Dragon Lightning Strike - Enhance Dragon Lightning Strike DMG +10%
• Dragon Lightning Strike - Multi-effect Dragon Lightning Strike will temporarily reduce the ATK of the hit enemy by 5% for 3 sec.
Fund Raising
Lvl: 15 Passive

When picking up Zeny, get 30% more Zeny.

Human's Heart Light
Lvl: 15 Passive

Reduces damage taken from Demi-Human monster by 25%. The effects reduce by 2/3 in PVP


• Human's Heart Light - Disenchantment DMG received from Demons, Angels, and the Undead -2%
Loud Exclamation
Lvl: 20 Buff Skill Delay: 1 sec SP: 20 Range: 1.5

Increases STR by Loud Exclamation, Within 300 seconds raise your strength by 20 and the whole Party's by 10. This effect can be removed by Clearance or Marsh Pond.


• Loud Exclamation - Defense [Loud Exclamation] increases teammate and self Def and M.Def by 3% at the same time
Over Thrust
Lvl: 5 Buff Skill Delay: 1.5 sec SP: 28 Range: 9

For 150 seconds, increases self Atk by 25%, increases the whole Party's Atk by 5%

Protagonist Halo
Lvl: 1 Passive

Increase your Job EXP received by 50%.

Lvl: 10 RideChange Skill Delay: 1 sec SP: 100

Use to control Ryujinmaru. While controlling Ryujinmaru, ATK +150, DEF +150, Bonus Healing Received -50%, cannot be accelerated or slowed. Lasts 600 sec and can be used again to demount. When not riding Ryujinmaru, you can only release Basic Skills and some Buff Skills.

Weapon Perfection
Lvl: 10 Buff Skill Delay: 1 sec SP: 60 Range: 1.5

Any weapon of any Party member gains 100% more size correction to monsters of any size. Size correction cap: 100%. Lasts 60 sec

Anti-gravity Armor
Lvl: 5 Buff CD: 5 sec Skill Delay: 1.5 sec SP: 40

Ryujinmaru hovers in the air and won't be affected by Traps or Graffiti. Meanwhile, Ryujinmaru's Move Spd is increased by 25% for 50 sec
Ryujinmaru is immune to the following skills: Ankle Snare, Frost Trap, Claymore Trap, Land Mine, Sandman Trap, Electric Shock, Thorns Trap, Manhole, Magic Trap, Chaos Panic, Blood Thirst, Reverberation, Blazar Trap, Dark Matter Trap, Star Searching Trap, Comet Trap


• Anti-gravity Armor - Mastery [Anti-gravity Armor] lasting time +10 seconds
Lvl: 5 Buff CD: 80 sec Skill Delay: 1 sec SP: 300 Cast Time: 5

Instantly refresh the CD and Delay of all job skills (excluding [Circle])

Circle - CD
Lvl: 4 Passive

[Circle] CD Time -20%

Dragon King Form
Lvl: 10 RideChange CD: 1 sec Skill Delay: 1 sec

Ryuoumaru enters overload state, increasing Pen. by 20%, but consuming 3% of the Max SP per second. If the SP is insufficient or the skill is used again, the overload will be canceled

Dragon King Form - Fire Bathing
Lvl: 6 Passive

During the [Dragon King Form] period, Ryuoumaru's Max HP is increased by 18%

Dragon King Shield
Lvl: 8 Buff CD: 15 sec Skill Delay: 1.5 sec SP: 60

Creates 1 powerful energy barrier around yourself, increasing DEF by 300 points and M.DEF by 150 for all team members within range and granting them immunity to Long Range Physical ATK. In addition to this, increase DEF by 10%and M.DEF by 5%for 7 seconds. The CD is fixed and can't be shortened. The skill also has all Neutral Barrier-related bonuses

Dragon King's Rage
Lvl: 10 Attack Physical CD: 15 sec Skill Delay: 1.5 sec SP: 200 Range: 6

Rides the Ryuoumaru into the target area and causes neutral Phy. DMG of [Self Destruction] x 400% to all enemy units within a 4m range. All Sp will be consumed after use.

Energy Wave
Lvl: 5 Buff CD: 15 sec Skill Delay: 1.5 sec SP: 160

Ryuoumaru releases Wind & Thunder Wave which makes enemies within 5 meters fall into irresistible Silence, lasting 9 seconds, and has a 100% chance to remove 7 Buffs of the enemies.

Flame Dragon Blast
Lvl: 10 Attack Physical Skill Delay: 1.5 sec SP: 40 Range: 7.5 Cast Time: 3

Create fire inside Ryujinmaru's belly and cast fireballs to inflict fire Physical Damage of 2060%of ATK on a group of enemy units within range. The DMG dealt to small/medium/large sized units respectively x1.5/1/0.75. The enemy can't flee from this skill, which also has all Arm Cannon-related bonuses.


• Flame Dragon Blast - Enhance [Flame Dragon Blast] DMG +10%
• Flame Dragon Blast - Destroy [Flame Dragon Blast] reduces enemy's DEF by 10% for 5 sec.
Flying Dragon Fist
Lvl: 8 Buff CD: 15 sec Skill Delay: 1.5 sec SP: 120

Release blue chains from the sides of your chest, preventing surrounding enemies and yourself from being able to move. Enemies affected will have 100 SP reduced every sec and Wind Damage received is increased by 15%. Targets in Anti-gravity Armor status won't be affected. Flying Dragon Fist lasts 7 sec. Cooldown time is fixed and cannot be reduced. The skill features Magnetic Field related bonuses.


• Flying Dragon Fist - Enhance Enemy SP lost caused by [Flying Dragon Fist] +
Lvl: 10 Passive

When attaining raw materials from wild monsters, player has a 20% chance to receive another copy. (invalid for MVP, MIMI monster)

One Hit Kill - Soaring Dragon Sword
Lvl: 10 Attack Physical SP: 200 Range: 3

Gathers the entire body's strength to deal Fire Phy. DMG that is equal to Dragon Fang Fist and Flame Dragon Blast multiplier x 3 and ignores the enemy's blocking effect; the lower the target's HP percentage, the higher the damage dealt. Cannot use any other attacking skills within 3 seconds after casting this skill.


• One Hit Kill - Soaring Dragon Sword - Rapid [Soaring Dragon Sword] debuff lasting time -0.3 sec.
One Hit Kill! Phoenix Dragon Sword
Lvl: 10 Attack Physical CD: 15 sec SP: 300 Range: 6

Compared with [One Hit Kill! Soaring Dragon Sword], it is a more powerful ultimate skill, which deals Fire Phy. DMG that is equal to Dragon Fang Fist and Flame Dragon Blast multiplier x 4 and ignores the enemy's blocking effect. Cannot use any other attacking skills within 3 seconds after casting this skill.

One Hit Kill! Phoenix Dragon Sword - Justice
Lvl: 4 Passive

When hit by [One Hit Kill! Phoenix Dragon Sword] makes all nearby enemies enter Fear status, lasting 2.5 secs.

One Hit Kill! Phoenix Dragon Sword- Execute
Lvl: 5 Passive

When hit by [One Hit Kill! Phoenix Dragon Sword], deals super high True DMG to targets with HP lower than 15%. Invalid for Monsters.

Optical Camouflage Stance
Lvl: 5 Buff CD: 35 sec Skill Delay: 1.5 sec SP: 100

Form an Energy Field around self, that makes all teammates become Hidden for 9 sec and increases Magic Damage Reduc. By 25% and reduces caster's Move Spd by 50%. Can't be used at the same time as Dragon King Shield. CD time is fixed and can't be reduced.

Phoenix Dragon Glacier Sword
Lvl: 10 LeadSkill Physical CD: 2 sec Skill Delay: 1 sec SP: 200 Range: 6

Continuously guides the frozen beam towards the front rectangle, causing Water Physical Damage (120% *[Flame Dragon Blast]) to enemies in the range every 0.5 seconds, and has a 15% chance to freeze the target. Lasts 3 seconds. Cannot move during skill guidance.

Phoenix Dragon Glacier Sword - Breakthrough
Lvl: 5 Passive

During the [Phoenix Dragon Glacier Sword] guidance time, it will continuously reduce the target's Water DMG by 5%, lasting for 5 seconds, and can be stacked for 6 times.

Proficient in Fire
Lvl: 5 Passive

When taking Fire DMG, -25%, Fire DMG ATK +25%

Lvl: 10 Passive

When Ryuoumaru uses the same skill in 5 seconds, the DMG dealt of the skill next time will be increased by 30% (only for [Dragon Fang Fist]/[Flame Dragon Blast]/[Phoenix Dragon Glacier Sword])

Recursion - Energy
Lvl: 7 Passive

[Recursion] DMG +14%

Lvl: 5 Heal CD: 3 sec Skill Delay: 1 sec SP: 40 Range: 5 Cast Time: 2 Fixed Cast Time: 0.3

Repair self and allied Ryujinmaru, restoring Max HP * 12% * (1 + INT/100) HP


• Repair -Proficiency [Repair] healing effect + 5%
Lvl: 5 Buff CD: 40 sec Skill Delay: 2 sec SP: 300

After 1 second of channeling, clears all the effects on Ryuoumaru and restores Max HP by 100%; increases self DMG Reduction by 30% in 10 seconds after use.

Restart - Reborn
Lvl: 5 Passive

When [Restart], 100% of Max SP will be restored at the same time.

Restart - Speed up
Lvl: 4 Passive

[Restart] guiding time -0.8 seconds

Lvl: 5 Passive

While casting the Ryujinmaru skill, you will transform into Ryuoumaru, gaining 15% extra DMG Inc. and removing the acceleration and deceleration limits for Move SPD. After learing this skill, players may choose to ride Ryujinmaru or Ryuoumaru, having the same skill effects of Ryuoumaru.

Self Destruction
Lvl: 10 Attack Physical CD: 10 sec Skill Delay: 1.5 sec Range: 2 Fixed Cast Time: 0.2

Cause the Ryujinmaru to self-destruct, dealing ATK *(Current HP/5000 (Coefficient value does not exceed 200) + Current SP/100 + VIT/10) *100% Neutral Physical Damage to nearby enemies. Demounts Ryujinmaru after use and consumes all Sp. Causes [Ryujinmaru] skill to enter a 10s cooldown. (HP factor is not amplified in PVP. This skill ignores Flee)


• Suicidal Destruction - Enhance [Suicidal Destruction] damage + 5%
• Emergency Shield Gains invulnerability for 1 sec after using [Suicidal Destruction]
Side Slide
Lvl: 1 Buff CD: 3 sec Skill Delay: 1.5 sec SP: 20

Allows Ryujinmaru to quickly move forward.

Storm Gust
Lvl: 1 Attack Physical CD: 10 sec Range: 1.5

Deals (Atk100%) Dmg to the target


• Little Savior's ATK bonus increases by 3%, Auto Attack increases by
Sword Mastery
Lvl: 10 Passive

When using swords, Atk increases by 40, Auto Attack increases by 200


• Sword Mastery - Empower Atk bonus of [Sword Mastery] +60%
Armor Change
Lvl: 1 Buff CD: 15 sec Skill Delay: 2 sec SP: 100 Cast Time: 3 Fixed Cast Time: 3

According to the selected armor, change the armor attributes of the magical machinery, and at the same time increase the damage reduction of the selected element by 50%%, lasting for 60 seconds, and the effect cannot be dispelled. Consume 1 Madogear Fuel, and the armor status can only be seen by yourself.


Iron Fist Rune Atk Buff Any
• [Knuckle Boost] Dmg +(1% ~ 20%).
Soul Shout Rune Buff Buff Any
• [Loud Exclamation] increases (1 ~ 10) points of Str.
• [Loud Exclamation] increases team mates’ STR by (1 ~ 10).
Violent Assault Rune Atk Buff Any
• Crit. +(1 ~ 10), Crit.Dmg +(1% ~ 10%) after using [Over Thrust].
Shadow Barrier Rune Def Def Any
• [Neutral Barrier] effect duration +(1 ~ 2).
• Def +(20 ~ 200), M.Def +(10 ~ 100) under [Neutral Barrier] status.
Light Barrier Rune Def Buff Any
• [Optical Camouflage Stand]’s Move Spd penalty reduces by (10% ~ 30%).
• Magic Reduc. +(1% ~ 10%) under [Optical Camouflage Stand] status.
Energy Cannon Rune Atk Atk Buff
• [Arm Cannon] can be charged so that one blast is equal to multiple [Arm Cannons] in terms of damage. Charges once every (7 ~ 11) seconds.
• [Arm Cannon] recharge limit set to (2 ~ 6) times.
Rapid Armor Rune Def Def Buff
• [Anti-gravity Armor] Move Spd +(1% ~ 25%).
• [Hell Plant] and [Poisonous Smoke] can be completely dodged under [Anti-gravity Armor] status.
Magnetic Field Rune Atk Def Buff
• [Magnetic Field] effect duration +(0.1 ~ 4) secs.
• [Magnetic Field] increases True Sight visibility of Mechanics in its scope.
• Mechanics in [Magnetic Field] status can move.
Ballistic Modification Rune Atk Atk Buff
• [Arm Cannon] Dmg +(1% ~ 30%).
• [Arm Cannon], [Flame Dragon Blast] and [Photon Cannon] ignore (1% ~ 30%) of the enemy's corresponding Attribute DMG Reduc.
Precision Maintenance Rune Def Def Buff
• [Repair] CD Time (-0.1 ~ -1.5) secs.
• [Repair]’s recover effect +(50% ~ 200%) in PvP or GvG.
Elemental Armor Rune Def Def Buff
• Obtain skill [Armor Change].
• [Armor Change] CD Time (-0.1 ~ -10) secs.
• [Armor Change] Fixed Cast Time (-0.1 ~ -3) secs.
Mechanical Regeneration Rune Atk Atk Def
• Has a (50% ~ 100%) chance to automatically use [Suicidal Destruction] Lv.10 when in Dead status.
• Has a (10% ~ 30%) chance to resurrect and restore (30% ~ 80%) HP and Magic.
• When [The Pioneer] is on the battleground alive, chance of revival is doubled.